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Head coach

Trained at Shaolin Tagou Wushu School - the best Martial Arts school in China - for 9 years having started at the age of 11

Has been teaching for 18 years, training many professional fighters

Teaches classes in kickboxing


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Personal Trainer

Started training at 16


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Personal Trainer + Kickboxing Coach

Been training for 3 years and teaching for 1 year


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Kickboxing Coach + Personal Trainer
3 yrs experience coaching and training
5 fights
First Aid certified


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Started training with Alex at the age of 8 beginning with traditional wushu
Transition into kickboxing at 13
Started teaching at 14


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Kickboxing Coach + Personal Trainer

Started training 3 1/2 years ago

Taekwondo Black Belt


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Personal Trainer
4+ years teaching experience 
First Aid Certificate
Certified TEFL teacher
Multilingual (Mandarin, English, German)



Started training at 21
First fight at 21
8 fights
Two years of teaching Muay Thai


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Started training Muay Thai at 16
First professional fight at 18
Started teaching 18
44 fights 
4 years living and fighting in Thailand
Has fought in NZ, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, China
Has taught in Brazil, Spain, China, Thailand and NZ


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MMA coach

"I've been in the sport of MMA for many years, fortunate enough to have competed at professional level. I've learnt a lot in my time and enjoy sharing the knowledge and helping others accomplish their goals as coaches in the past have helped me achieve mine."


Fit Young Man

Personal Trainer

Started training kickboxing a year ago and has been training at the gym for 3 years

Former touch rugby coach

1 fight

"I really enjoy teaching and helping people reach their goals with my unique approach to fitness - making each workout interesting whilst also keeping the client's ambitions in mind. "


Confident Fit Woman

Certified Yoga Teacher 

Has taught yoga in New Zealand and China for 5 years

Specializes in Vinyasa (Flow), Hatha, Ball and Acroyoga

Will help you to find inner peace and relaxation


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